Dahle Self-Healing Cutting Mat 36" x 48"
Dahle Self-Healing Cutting Mat 36" x 48"
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Dahle Self-Healing Cutting Mat 36" x 48"

The Dahle Self-Healing Cutting Mat is the best choice for protecting hard surfaces from blade damage while also preventing blades from becoming dull. Comprised of 5 layers of PVC plastic which provide self-healing properties, these cutting mats feature both inch and metric measurements with 12 grid lines for easy measurement. Since each side of the mat has the same self-healing capability, operators can use either side for cutting.


Thickness: 18" (3mm)

Dimensions: 36" x 48"

Prevents Damage to Surfaces and Blades: Stops blades from hitting hard surfaces to prevent surface damage and blade dullness

Inch and Metric Measurements: Featuring pre-printed 12" grid lines

5 Layers of PVC Plastics: Provide self-healing capability on both sides

Color Options: Available in Black, Blue, and Crystal Clear

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