Dry Mount Tissue 20 1/2" x 150' 3" Core
Dry Mount Tissue 20 1/2" x 150'  3" Core
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Always experiment with any dry mount product before using it for a permanent framing application. Be confident that you are familiar with the product, its applications, and operating characteristics. Always wipe down release paper with a clean cloth- we recommend this after each application for any heat seal product. Press temperatures sometimes vary considerably from thermostat readings; try to determine the actual operating temperature. Always experiment first with tissue and medium and keep careful notes.


Size: 2012" x 150'

Dwell Time: 2 to 4 minutes

Core: 3"

Activation Temperature: 168° to 172° Fahrenheit

Adhesive Bond: Permanent

Quantity: 1 roll per box

Priced per box

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