Formax FD 3200 Air-Suction Document Folder
Formax FD 3200 Air-Suction Document Folder
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Formax FD 3200 Air-Suction Folder

The FD 3200 Air-Suction Document Folder offers high-performance folding in a compact tabletop unit, ideal for digitally printed documents on heavy and coated stock. The air-suction feed technology reduces static electricity and minimizes feed marks common in traditional friction feed systems. The FD 3200 utilizes internal fans to produce air and suction for quiet operation in a smaller footprint.

User-friendly features include automatic paper size detection and fold plate settings, control panel with LCD display, six programmed fold settings, and the ability to store up to 20 custom folds. The FD 3200 includes a cross folding guide, a four-digit counter with batch counting capability, four fold rollers for accuracy, and a variety of document security features. An optional Side Air Kit is available to enhance feeding of heavier stock and larger sheets of paper. Fully automated and insulated for quiet operation, the FD 3200 is ideal for the office environment.


Pre-Programmed with Six Standard Folds: C, Z, Half, Fold Out, Gate, and Double Parallel

Custom Folds: Up to 20 custom folds can be programmed and stored

Speed: Up to 15,600 sheets per hour

Air-Suction Feed System: Easily handles static buildup in digital prints and minimizes feed marks

Automatic Paper Size Detection: Recognizes the most popular sizes

Control Panel with LCD Display: User-friendly and intuitive, includes energy-saving mode

Adjustable Air Flow: Allows for feeding consistency on varying paper weights/sizes

Batch Counting: Programmable to process pre-set number of sheets into sets with a delay between sets

Idling Function: Standby mode used to pause for double or misfeed

Noise Reduction: Fold plates are enclosed and insulated to reduce operating noise with built-in DC fans

Fault-Detection Features: Paper Out, Misfeed, Double Feed, Paper Jam, Top Cover Open, Paper Size Error


FD 3200 Spec Sheet

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