About Us

At Southwest Binding & Laminating, we're not trying to be the biggest, but we are trying to be the best. We began in 1966 as Southwest Plastic Binding Co. as an economical choice in the new, burgeoning field of document finishing. Over the years, we added products, such as laminating supplies and equipment, pouch lamination and roll film. As we diversified our offerings, the company grew in size and sophistication, in order to closely match the needs of our customers. And although we've grown significantly in size, we're still a rarity in our industry – a genuine family-owned business among a field of companies purchased and re-sold by corporations, some overseas. We are not a company whose sole purpose is to make profits for its overseas holding company; rather, we are a business that is focused on delivering excellence to our customers, providing quality products at good prices, and providing jobs to U.S. workers.

Many companies claim that "Customer Service" is what sets them apart from other businesses. We say, "Call us." Talk to our customer service staff. See if you don't agree –we are better educated, more helpful, and able to provide a quicker and better solution than our competitors. While our competitors are asking you to solve your own questions online and then place an order without talking to them, we maintain a higher support and sales staff to customer ratio.  We encourage you to call and discuss your needs, and then we will get to work to help solve them. We also have an industry-specific sales staff.  Are you new to the Education field and need someone to help you navigate the document binding and laminating complexities? We have industry specific experts waiting to help you on the phone or live chat.

At Southwest, we don't just want you as a Customer. We want you to be a customer for life, and that takes an entirely different set of beliefs and values on our part. That's why we are focused on maintaining a well-trained and knowledgeable sales staff that we encourage you to call, at any time. You heard us right – despite the website trend of self-help, or online chat, Southwest offers you the quickest and surest form of assistance, a live person at the other end of a toll-free call meaning you will never have to navigate auto attendant prompts. Of course, we also offer online education and FAQs, should you prefer that.


  1. 1. Price: We're committed to bringing you the best products at the lowest cost.
  2. 2. Three Nationwide distribution centers, ensure prompt delivery from coast to coast.
  3. 3. Quality, Reliable Products: Southwest Binding & Laminating prides itself on being the expert; that means you can rest assured that all the lines we carry are carefully researched and tested, whether you need equipment that can hold up to the rigors of hourly binding, or an economy laminator used only occasionally.
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