Flexigrain Covers

Flexigrain Covers are our most popular report cover. They are a premium, heavy-duty coated cover stock ideal for proposals, menus, manuals, and presentations. They are commonly referred to as: Flexigrain, GBC Regency, or Composition Covers. Flexigrain covers are stocked in Black, White, Forest Green, Navy and Maroon. We offer the covers in 812" x 11" square corner, 834" x 1114" round corner, 9" x 11" square corner, 812" x 14" square corner, 11" x 17" square corner, along with master sheets of each color for custom cuts and sizes. If you want to customize your Flexigrain cover, we offer special windows, embossing, and foil stamping for a unique, personalized touch. Check out our "Document Customization" tab for more details.

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