Roll Laminating Film

Our selection of Roll Laminating Film reflects our commitment to providing customers with the highest quality supplies available on the market. Composed of premium polyester and adhesives, our thermal film provides a smooth, consistent finish every time. Our films are used for posters, menus, I.D. cards, gift cards, school projects, important documents, and many other applications. We offer a standard grade film and a low-melt version for jobs requiring a more aggressive adhesive and faster production. Other industry names for lamination film are GBC Nap Lam I, GBC Nap Lam II, Opti Clear, Co-polymer, Doculam, Doculite, Coverlam, and Smartlam. We stock 1.5 mil through 10 mil thick films in 1", 21⁄4", and 3" cores, and widths ranging from 9" to 38". As always, we can get special widths, lengths, and thicknesses of film upon request.

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