Custom Binders

Make your documents POP with a custom binder!   Select a style, color and size from our large selection of binders and binding elements.

  1. 1. Custom 3 ring binders - Imprinting, clear overlays, custom ring configuration, insert pockets, padding, or entrapment on vinyl binders…
  2. 2. Custom Imprinted Plastic Comb Binding - See your documents from across the room! Make your comb-bound documents identifiable on a shelf with stand out identification. Imprinted comb binding elements are perfect for cookbooks, manuals, and proposals. Combine with custom covers for a unique and stylish presentation. Custom lengths are also available.
  3. 3. Clearview 3 Ring Binders - Instant customization is possible with Clearview Binders. Made of white vinyl, these 3-ring binders come in diameters from 1/2" through 3", and all have a clear overlay on the front, spine and back. Customize easily by sliding in sheets that identify binder contents.

Custom binders can be used for:

  • Flight Manuals
  • Training Manuals
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Client Branding Kits
  • Product catalogs
  • Software packaging

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