May 2018
My company recently purchased 12", 75 gauge shrink wrap film from Southwest Binding & Laminating upon recommendation from my sales rep, Greg. We love, love it...
Anita G
Copy & Print Center

April 2018
In shopping for a new binding machine, Southwest Binding & Laminating made the search and decision so easy for us. Quick service and great customer support! We love our new binding machine! Thanks Greg Schmitt!
Monica S
Engineering Consultant

April 2018
We just got the new laminator unpacked and plugged in. (Just like kids at Christmas). It works so great; we didn't realize our old one was bad. The finished laminate is smooth, flat, and has no bubbles.
Jan C
Print Shop

Sept 2017
Wanted to give you a shout out about the two laminators we purchased from you. They are amazing. I talked to the school that has the other one and they love it. I have run ours quite a bit and I am loving it. You can tell that a lot of thought was put into designing these. The table that you use to feed the items through is wider so you have room to set up your next set while the other set is going through. The buttons are heavy duty and easy to use. The cover removes so it is easy to load the film. The rollers separate for easy loading. Everything about this machine is great. I am going to recommend that we replace the old laminators we have with this model in the future as we need them. Thanks for your recommendation to buy these. You know our needs and don't let us buy something that won't fit our operation. That builds a trust that is hard to find. I think you and I will be doing business for a long time.
Richard C
Director of Copy Services, Large School District

Oct 2016
The Rhino Tuff CBS3000 system is a well built heavy duty machine that performs our spiral binding needs to perfection. It is a great addition to our growing Spiral book portion of our business. Thank you to Southwest Binding for helping with our needs.
Bindery Supervisor

Oct 2016
Our new Coilmac EX system has been a real asset to the company. It has helped to process the booklets much quicker. It is very easy to run. Our customers are very satisfied with the products completed by the machine. Thanks again for recommending this machine for my comb binding books.
Print Shop

Feb 2016
Thank you for providing exemplary customer service! We are very happy with our Rhin-O-Tuff Coil Binding System 3000. The machine arrived very quick and is easy to use. The CBS3000 is the perfect all-in-one binding system for an affordable price! We look forward to working with Southwest in the future.
Ben H.
Director of Corporate Development

Nov 2015
The new AP-1 shrink film you recommended has been an excellent improvement over the Clysar that we previously used. Although it is not pre-perfed, which I was originally hesitant about, it gives no issues with bubbling. The biggest improvement has been the sealing. The AP-1 seals almost instantly with no need to ride you finger around the perimeter to break it loose from the sealing bar. The Clysar sometimes you’d need to hit it twice for it to seal. We even had technicians look at our shrink wrapping machine and replace parts with no resolve. They never, and me too for that matter, thought it was the shrink film. I really thought we were going to have to continue to live with it. Thanks for the quality product at a competitive price.
Production Print Supervisor

Oct 2015
Little by little we’ve discovered Southwest Binding & Laminating is a great resource for many of our supply needs at our growing print shop. I started out getting spiral and wire binding supplies and transparencies. As we’ve acquired more equipment, we’ve been able to quickly get materials for our laminator and dry mount heat press. Greg Schmitt is always very helpful when I have questions and quickly gets orders ready if we’re in a hurry! Thanks Southwest Binding & Laminating!
C McMillian
Print Shop

Oct 2015
Our decision to work with Southwest Binding & Laminating has transformed how we attract business. Our presentation is more impactful and prospective clients perceive us as cutting edge. Southwest’s products help us win new business. !
Ben Hildebrandt
Business Development Director
Belin McCormick, P.C.

October 2015
Hi Greg,
I would like to thank you for the attention given to us. Customer service is important to us and you do a great job. Problems are rare but when one arises it is taken care of quickly and fairly.
Thanks for your help.
Don Carlson
Finishing Supervisor

March 2014
I'm so thankful for your wonderful customer service and teamwork.  Thanks to Eddie, we were able to doctor a work around and are back up and running.  I can't tell you how much I love doing business with Southwest.  We have and will continue to recommend your company to anyone and everyone.
Thanks again,
College Copy Center Manager

October 2013
Hey Gary,
I received my special order tabs this week. They looked great! Just wanted to thank you for the great service. Susie was wonderful to work with. I have been working with some new vendors this fiscal year that won't even respond to an email so I really appreciate the service from you guys :)
Carol C
Printing Production Coordinator

July 2013
Southwest Binding & Laminating is my #1 choice for all of my binding an laminating needs.  They have an easy to use website and a friendly & knowledgeable customer service staff that is second to none. They are always ready to go the extra mile for me so I can deliver to my customer on time, on target and on budget.
Garry C. - Owner
London, KY

June 2013
Thanks to all at SW.  We received the combs much earlier thanexpected !!  They turned out great!  We appreciate the quick turnover!  You have an ace team.  Please pass that along for me!

November 2012
Thanks Larry. 
I want you to know that Eddie has been a "Prince" in his willingness to help, as well as his extensive knowledge.  The service from your company remains excellent.

July 2012
Dear Gary,
I purchased a Tashin, model TCC 2700 laminating machine from you a few weeks back.  Our graphics arts department put it to use recently and I want to thank you for recommending this machine to me.  The very first page we laminated came out perfectly.  The ease of use, the quality of the construction and the quality of the laminating will serve our purposes very well. To use a baseball analogy... "You hit a homerun for us, Gary.  Thanks for all your help!"
Janet M.
Director, CBNP

November 2011
Hi Eric,
I just wanted to say thanks for the quick service. The books got done today using the red coils you sent. I appreciate that I was able to track them and that they left your warehouse so quickly.
Thanks again and have a great weekend!

November 2011
We recently purchased the 455TH GTP Laminator and are learning about the wonderful world of cold lamination. To be honest with you, when I first heard about this machine I had no idea about its capabilities or the projects that we could use this piece of equipment for. With that being said, we are still in the beginning stages of learning about what this machine can do for us and our university. We still kept our smaller hot laminator which we use for many of the student's projects and for quick double sided lamination projects which are needed in many of the courses offered here. Gary and the staff at Southwest Binding & Laminating made our decision very easy for us. The support of the staff at Southwest Binding & Laminating made the transition to our new large format cold laminator almost painless. We are also in the middle of a major remodel for our student center so we have had to juggle many items while still providing service to our customers. We hope to utilize the large format cold laminator in many of our promotions of our new building by developing window clings and floor decals. In the past couple of months, we have used the large format cold laminator for many of the architectural drawings and for mounting larger size prints on foam core to show off our renderings of the new student center to various groups. When the machine arrive we received a comprehensive training program provided by the installer. It is a very simple machine to operate, but just by looking at the size it can be overwhelming. Gary and his staff did tons of research on the types of materials that we could use for our various applications. I am sure that you will be totally satisfied with your new laminator and the support that the team at Southwest Binding & Laminating provides.
Thank you!
Karen L.
Interim Director of Operations & Services

August 2011
My name is Nancy and I am the Purchasing Agent for Education Service Center, Region VI.  We have been a customer of SW Binding & Laminating for over 7 years and enjoy the relationship we have with your company.  The pricing we receive from your company is very competitive and the prompt delivery of ordered items have been the reasons we continue to look to SWB&L for our laminating film, tab, coil and comb purchases. 
But I would be remiss if I did not tell you that Amy Welch is truly the reason we continue to purchase from SWB&L.  Over the years, through our contact on purchasing matters, I have found Amy to be professional, very personable and wonderful to work with.  Her prompt responses to inquires and receipt of orders reflect well on her, as well as your company.
I work with hundreds of vendors during the course of my job and have often commented to my staff that I wished more vendors would be like Amy of SWB&L.  They are all in complete agreement.
Working with Amy is always a pleasure!
Purchasing Agent / Data Manager
Education Service Center, Region VI

July 2011
Thanks for your quick response. These prices will be a great help as I quote on another project. One thing that I have always appreciated about your company is how quickly you respond, even for a small customer. Thanks, again.
Abbot Promotional Products

October 2010
To Manager of Customer Service,
I am the shipping/receiving clerk at Stevenson's Genealogy, Inc. We accept pallets of products on a regular basis and I have the responsibility of checking them in and determining any damage or shortages.
Recently we received a very large order from Southwest Plastics. I was so impressed with the integrity of the pallet that I just had to mention it to someone. The person who put that pallet together did it superbly! The precision placement of the tall heavy boxes perfectly allowed the numerous light weight boxes to be encased securely. The pallet was balanced, skillfully wrapped and very easy to break down-nothing shifted or fell over as I removed the boxes. All that made it a joy rather than just a boring chore to inventory and check in.
There is a great work ethic in American business and the people doing your shipping probably know that!

Thank you and best to you for a great 4th quarter.
Stevenson's Genealogy

October 2010
From Cathy @ Stewart Middle School in VA. Said she wanted to say THANK YOU ever so much for the fast, wonderful service. She placed an order yesterday and received it today! Great job to all!!

November 2009
Southwest plastic Binding Company is a great company to work with, Lisa takes care of all our needs and has never let us down. They are fast, efficient and courteous, exactly the type of people you want to do business with.
Minuteman Press Northwest

October 2009
Marlon 350
Hi Greg,
I just received your message regarding our new machine. They absolutely love it! This was for the Sioux City office. (Georganne, Jill and Jackie) The day they received it, they called me down and said they were going to stand in line to give me a hug!
Media and Information Technology
Northwest Area Education Agency

March 2009
I am so impressed with your exceptional customer service in the Missouri branch that I had to let someone at your company know about it. I am so glad that we made the switch and started buying from Southwest. Not only does Chris Hamilton, our sales rep, take the extra time to talk with me, he always calls me back promptly with information and advice on the product. He is very personable and I enjoy chatting with him. The girls that I have had the pleasure to place orders with are Jennifer, Tiffany, Tracey, and Andrea. They are all wonderful. Andrea just helped me out with a special order and the problems I had with it (none of which were anyone at Southwest's fault). She made me feel as if I were a special customer, even though I know that I am one of many, many customers and I really appreciate the extra effort she made to keep us happy. Southwest should be very proud that they have such a great team. They will certainly keep me ordering from them.
Sincerely yours,
Peggy Deward
H & H Bindery, Inc.

March 2009
Thanks Janet! The return carton of the navy combs was shipped out yesterday. Please let me know if there are any problems with restocking. I truly appreciate you all allowing us to return that order. Our budget is very tight, and I would have gotten in hot water for ordering the wrong color. Most companies we deal with make it extremely difficult to return items if the mistake is on our end, so it was a relief that you all allowed us to do so.
Thanks again,
Kelly Whitehurst
Print Shop Supervisor
Chesapeake Public Schools

August 2008
I have no words. It was a pleasure speaking with you the other day. How refreshing…it is not everyday we get the kind of service you offer. You must be worth your weight in gold. I look forward to doing business with you.
Have a beautiful day!,
Shephard Wesnitzer, Inc.

May 2008
Hello, Mr. Mercer. Below is a press release about Nancy and Don Barks. They recently received an award at our Marketing Education Students' Employer Appreciation Reception. We are very fortunate to have a strong relationship with them and your company.
At the 2007-2008 Annual Employer Appreciation Reception which was sponsored by the marketing co-operative education students of Henrico County, Virginia, Don and Nancy Barks, managers at Southwest Plastic Binding, were named as the Employers of the Year. Don and Nancy were selected at the May 1, 2008 event based on their support, training and guidance provided to their student-employee and for going the extra mile in developing a solid partnership with the local school system. Over 300 students, business people and teachers were present when Don and Nancy received this honor. Henrico County Public Schools is located in the Richmond, VA metro area and serves over 40,000 students.
Gary W. Worley
Marketing Teacher/Coordinator
Varina High School

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