When your presentations need to really be impactful – make them your own with customized elements! Transform a generic 3-ring binder with imprinting, clear overlays, custom ring configuration, insert pockets, rivets, or padding! 3-ring binder's are just one of many products available for customization.  Transform a generic product to a memorable personalized product. We will take the time to understand your project, and recommend the solution that best suits your needs. We make custom work easy and create a seamless process from start to finish! Choose from these custom options:

Custom-Binders-TCustom Binders
Select a style, color and size from our selection of 3-ring binders and customize them with imprinting, clear overlays, custom ring configuration, insert pockets, rivets, padding, or entrapment on vinyl binders. Click to request a 3-ring vinyl binder quote or a 3-ring polyethylene binder quote.

Custom-index-tabs-TCustom Tabs
Tabs can be ordered in any configuration to fit your needs. Customize tabs with any combination of imprinting (1 or 2 sides), punching, and other custom options including cut to order sheet size, paper stock, number of tabs, reinforced edges, and more! Click to request an index tab quote.

Custom-Combs-TCustom Plastic Comb Binding Elements
Make your comb-bound documents identifiable on a shelf or better organize your filing system with stand out identification. Imprinted comb binding elements are perfect for cookbooks, manuals, and proposals. Combine with custom covers for a unique and stylish presentation. Custom lengths also available.

Custom-Covers-TCustom Covers
Select a style, color and size from our large selection of covers and customize them with imprinting, embossing, punching and scoring, and die cut windows. We will also cut covers to any size.

heat_clear_covers-tHeat Resistant Covers
Heat resistant clear covers are designed to be used with any thermal tape binding system without distortion. (i.e. Fast Back or Accubind machines) They are 8.5" x 11" polyester .007 mil clear covers with square corners. 100 pieces per package, tissue interleave.

Clearview-Binders-TClearview Binders
Instant customization is possible with our Clearview Binders. Made of white vinyl, these 3-ring binders come in diameters from 1/2" through 3", and all have a clear overlay on the front, spine and back. Simply slide in sheets identifying binder contents!

Not sure what you're looking for? Click here to browse through samples we've produced for other customers. Or, if you'd just like to begin your customizing process and talk through your options, call us at 1-800-325-3628.
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