educationSouthwest understands the needs of primary, secondary and higher education. Not only are faculty, staff, and administrators on tight deadlines, they're usually on tight budgets too . . . and that's where Southwest really shines for education.

From a laminated study guide for 3rd graders, to a bound booklet of high school football plays and drills, to a college curriculum and course schedule, Southwest knows education, and knows how to get you into printed and distributed materials as fast as you can say "A,B,C!"

Case Studies

Day school/Preschool
Roll lamination is being used to laminate artwork done by young students to preserve and protect projects.  This process protects documents from damage and preserve them for years to come.

Teachers & Professors
A group of teachers used Pressure Sensitive P-Paper for a bumper sticker campaign that could be removed easily after completion.

Universities have found using clear low-tack p-paper for student and faculty car window clings as a perfect car marking solution.  Window clings are easy to adhear and can be removed easily after expiration.

Law Office/U.S. Attorney
Mounting Boards are used to display litigation graphics, photos, etc. that will be displayed in a courtroom setting.  They need something solid behind the print, so it can be displayed on an easel.

Department of Transportation
Field agents use Permanent Paper outside for generator checklists, and then use grease pencils to write on the paper.  This can we wiped off and reused many times without damaging the original printing on the document.

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