Akiles WBM-532 14" Modular Wire Closer
Akiles WBM-532 14" Modular Wire Closer
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Akiles WBM-532 12" Modular Wire Closer

The Akiles WBM-532 is a heavy-duty modular wire closer that allows you to easily close all standard binding wires (from 316" up to 114" in diameter, in either 3:1 or 2:1 pitch) and up to 14" in length and longer. It's simplistic, all-metal construction design guarantees high productivity and durability. This unit makes a great addition to any small


Open-Ended Design: Allows closing of wire in any length, including wire longer than 14"

Closing Capacity: From 316" to 114"

Wire Closer Control: Allows for micro-adjustments, assuring accurate closing

Rugged, All-Metal Design: Provides superior durability

Stand Alone Operation: Lightweight and portable

Built-in Wire Holder: Keeps wire in place during closing operation

Warranty: One Year Manufacturer's Warranty


WBM-532 Wire Closer Spec Sheet

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