Akiles WireMac-E 3:1
Akiles WireMac-E 3:1
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Akiles WireMac-E 3:1

The Akiles WireMac-E is an electric punch with a manual closer, making wire binding fast, easy, and convenient. It will punch up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper and bind 3:1 pitch wire ranging from 14" to 916" diameter. The open punching throat allows for punching of longer documents while the color-coded guide indicates the correct punching depth setting for each wire size. Create professional documents quickly and easily with the WireMac-E.


Pitch Capacity: 3:1 holes

Binding Capacity: From 316" to 916"

Punch Length: 14" with open throat for longer documents

Disengaging Die Pins: 40 pins, which may be independently disengaged to accommodate larger documents

Foot Pedal Operation: Allows dual-handed operation

Side Margin Control: Provides evenly-centered punches for all document sizes

Diameter Scale: Measures document thickness in order to select best wire diameter

Color-Coded Guides: Indicate correct punching depth setting for each wire size

Wire Closer Control: Continuous adjusting scale for precise and secure closure

Waste Drawer: Easily accessible and conveniently stores trimmings and other waste

Reverse (Anti-Jam) Function: Easily reverse jams


WireMac-E 3:1 Pitch Spec Sheet

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