Crimp @ Coil Electric Crimper
Crimp @ Coil Electric Crimper
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Akiles Crimp @ Coil Electric Crimper

Speed up your coil binding process with this time saver! The Akiles Crimp @ Coil is an easy-to-use electric coil crimper that cuts and crimps both sides of the coil at the same time, preventing it from rolling back out of the holes of your document. Unlike any other machine on the market today, the Crimp @ Coil's unique design accommodates all coil sizes from 6 mm - 50 mm without the hassle of any interchanging parts. It's any easy five-step setup that only takes the operator seconds to change coil or sheet size settings. Ideal for high-volume print shops, binding facilities, and more!


Electric Double-Sided Coil Crimpers with Adjustable Knives: Increases efficiency by eliminating manual coil crimping

Compatible with Full Range of Coil Sizes: From 6 mm to 50 mm

Simple Five-Step Setup: Only takes seconds to change settings

Foot Pedal Operation: Allows for dual-handed operation, maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost

Adjustable Crimper Heads: No need to switch crimper heads for different size

Rugged, All-Metal Construction: Superior reliability and durability

Warranty: One Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Crimp@Coil Spec Sheet

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