Formax ATLAS-AS Air-Feed Document Folder
Formax ATLAS-AS Air-Feed Document Folder
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Formax ATLAS-AS Air-Feed Document Folder

The ATLAS-AS Air-Feed Document Folder combines high-volume output with user-friendly features in a rugged machine with a small footprint. With variable speed control, it can process up to 27,500 sheets per hour. Its 7” full-color touchscreen control panel allows operators to set up jobs easily and program an unlimited number of jobs into memory. Fully-enclosed fold plates feature dials to select fold plate position and LED displays accurate to 0.1 mm. The fold rollers are made of a durable composite material designed to easily grip high-gloss paper and are housed in a single patented pull-out cassette. The powerful air suction feed table handles a wide variety of coated or non-coated stock, up to 2612" in length and aligns the sheets prior to folding. It also features a suction chamber to control curled or statically charged paper.

Standard features include a modular perforator/scorer which can also be used as a roller bypass, allowing cover stock to be folded and output flat. The belt-driven outfeed stacker is located on the same side as the infeed, allowing operators to easily operate the Atlas from a single position. Double document and jam detection, batch counting, anti-static brushes, skew and micro adjustments complete the user-friendly package. The Atlas-AS Air-Feed Folder is ideal for those with big folding jobs and limited space.


Variable Speed: Up to 27,500 sheets per hour

Unlimited Job Memory: Infinite number of presets can be programmed, increasing efficiency

Full-Color Touchscreen Control Panel: Program and make adjustment quickly with graphics-based menus

Powerful Air Suction Feed Table: Handles a variety of coated and non-coated stock in a range of paper weights and sizes

Belt-Driven Outfeed Stacker: Allows operators to easily load and unload the Atlas from a single position

Batch Counter: Programmable to process pre-set number of sheets into sets with a delay

Durable Composite Fold Rollers: Easily grips high-gloss paper and housed in a single patented pull-out cassette

Skew and Micro Adjustments: Allows for fine tuning and crisp, precise folds

Compact, Rugged Design: Ideal for businesses with heavy workloads and limited space

Perforator/Score Attachment Included: Delivers finished pieces to a catch tray and can also be used as a roller bypass


Atlas AS Air-Feed Spec Sheet

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