Formax Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter
Formax Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter
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Formax Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter

The Formax Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Electric Paper Cutter offers precision cutting for paper stacks up to 18.9” wide. User-friendly features include dual-button electronic operation, automatic paper clamp, and LED digital readout. Simply load a stack of paper, up to 3.15” high and press the clamp and blade buttons to engage the hardened-steel Guillotine blade. These features, combined with the bright red LED Cutting Line, allow operators to make fine adjustments and see exactly where the blade will cut. The Cut-True 27S Electric Cutter makes a welcome addition to print shops and in-plant finishing operations.


Dual-Button Electronic Operation: Operator's hands are not near blades

Automatic Paper Clamp: Helps ensure precise cuts

LED Digital Readout: User-friendly interface provides status updates

Range of Safety Features: Front and rear transparent safety guards, blade lock, safety lock with key, external blade depth adjustment, automatic blade return from any position, easy-to-use blade change safety tool, and a wooden paper push for safe alignment

Rugged Metal Stand: Provides a stable work surface and a convenient shelf for additional storage

Hardened Steel Guillotine Blade: Ensures superior durability and precise cuts

LED Cutting Line: Provides accurate measurements every time

Ideal For: Transforming brochures, invitations, and more with crisp, accurate cuts


Cut-True 27S Spec Sheet

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