Formax FD 8300HS High-Security Deskside Shredder
Formax FD 8300HS High-Security Deskside Shredder
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Formax FD 8300HS High-Security Level 6 Deskside Shredder

The FD 8300HS from Formax packs commercial-grade components into a sleek, compact, deskside design. Heat-treated steel blades and a powerful AC geared-motor are controlled by the easy-to-use LED control panel, shredding up to 23 feet per minute. A steel cabinet and a lifetime guaranteed waste bin ensure superior durability. The FD 8300HS has been evaluated by the NSA and meets Level 6 Security requirements to protect your sensitive information. Additional features include an Eco Mode, auto start/stop, auto reverse, auto cleaning, thermal overload protection, and more to provide an all-in-one solution for data destruction.


Shred Size: 132" x 316"

Shred Capacity: 6-8 sheets

Feed Opening: 912"

Level 6 Security: NSA evaluated

Heat-Treated Steel Blades: Specially ground for longevity and require minimal oil

High-Quality Geared Motor: Powerful and efficient AC geared-motor provides high performance with minimal noise

LED Control Panel: With digital load indicator

Auto Start/Stop: Optical sensors automatically detects paper to start and stop operation

Auto Reverse: Automatically switches motor into reverse in case of paper jam

Eco Mode: Automatically enters standby mode after 5 minutes of inactivity

Oil Indicator: After 4 hours of use, LED control panel flashes to suggest oiling blades


Formax FD 8300HS Spec Sheet

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