Formax FD 8400HS-1 High-Security Office Shredder
Formax FD 8400HS-1 High-Security Office Shredder
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Formax FD 8400HS-1 High-Security Level 6 Office Shredder

The FD 8400HS-1 from Formax offers NSA-evaluated Level 6 Security, combining commercial-grade components in a sleek, practical, office-friendly design. Operators can utilize the user-friendly LED control panel to activate the powerful AC geared motor and heat-treated steel blades for quick and easy data destruction. Auto Start/Stop, Auto Reverse, Auto Cleaning, Auto Oiling, Eco Mode, Thermal Overload Protection, and a host of other advanced features allow the FD 8400HS-1 to perform non-stop with optimal performance. Capable of shredding up to 7 sheets at a time at speeds of up to 23 feet per minute, the FD 8400HS-1 makes a perfect addition to any office environment where safe and secure data destruction is a necessity.


Shred Size: 132" x 316"

Shredding Capacity: 7-8 sheets

Feed Opening: 1014"

Heat-Treated Steel Cutting Blades: Specially ground for longevity and minimal maintenance

Auto Start/Stop Optical sensor automatically detects paper and starts/stops operation

Auto Cleaning: Allows operator to reverse motor to clear debris

Auto Reverse: Automatically reverses motor if paper jam is detected

EvenFlow™ Internal Automatic Oiling System: Lubricates blades for optimal performance

Continuous Duty Motor: Allows non-stop operation

Self-Diagnosis System: Records system information to display for service technicians

Thermal Overload Protection: Prevents overheating and damage to unit


Formax FD 8400HS-1 Spec Sheet

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