Formax FD 87HD
Formax FD 87HD
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Formax FD 87HD Hard Drive Destruction

Do you know how to properly dispose of a computer hard drive? Don't just toss it in the trash. The FD 87HD from Formax punches a hole through discarded hard drives, providing you with the peace of mind that your sensitive data has been properly destroyed and rendered virtually unreadable. Operation is easy- simply load a hard drive into the feed chute and press the button to engage a high-quality steel punch which punctures the hard drive. The destroyed hard drive is then dropped into a convenient waste bin for storage. Hard drives can even be reinserted and punched for extra security- the two most popular hard drives sizes (2.5" and 3.5") are easily accommodated. An LED control panel conveniently displays job status, and intelligent features such as auto reverse and auto stop offer jam protection. To prevent your digital data from ending up in the wrong hands, trust the reliability of Formax.


Hard Drive Size: 2.5" or 3/5"

Feed Oprning: 4.65"

Punching Cycle: 14 seconds

Hardened Steel Punching Die: Made of nickel-plated steel for superior durability and performance

Heavy-Duty Motor: Powerful and efficient AC geared motor

LED Control Panel: Displays job status and important functions

Transparent Safety Shield: Allows operator to see job progress

Auto Stop: After each punching cycle

Auto Reverse: Built-in controls automatically reverse motor in event of jam to protect punching die

Door Safety Sensor: Automatically stops operation when cabinet door is opened

All-Metal Cabinet: For superior durability and protection


Formax FD 87HD Spec Sheet

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