HBC-24 Manual Comb Binder
HBC-24 Manual Comb Binder
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HBC-24 Manual Comb Binder

Designed for maximum speed and efficiency, the HBC-24 Manual Binder is a manual binding system capable of binding documents up to 14" long, using combs up to 2" in diameter. This versatile unit will give you precisely-bound documents every time- quickly, easily, and affordably. A perfect addition to any home, school, or small office.


Rear Staging Area: Quick access to combs

Operating Handle: Binds documents in one smooth movement

Comb Capacity: Up to 2" in diameter

Waste Department: Built-in, convenient storage

Rugged, All-Metal Construction: Ensures superior durability


HBC-24 Manual Comb Binder Spec Sheet

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