ONYX APES-14 on the HD7000 & PAL-14
ONYX APES-14 on the HD7000 & PAL-14
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Onyx APES-14 on the HD7000 & PAL-14

The Rhin-O-Tuff HD 7000, PAL-M, and the APES-14 combine to create a powerful system of comb binding, coil binding, and punch solutions. The HD7000 is a 14" open-ended table top punch. The Pal-M (manual) or the PAL-14 (electric) lifts the same number of sheets each time for consistent and efficient operation. The APES-14 ejects paper in one motion and stacks paper automatically after punching. Sheet capacity up to 40 sheets of 20 lb. paper. Dies available for Coil, Wire, and Comb. Combine these modules to create the perfect workstation and optimize your business' productivity!

HD 7000 Specs:

HD 7000 Spec Sheet

APES-14 Specs:

APES-14 Spec Sheet

PAL-M Specs:

PAL-M Spec Sheet

PAL-14 Specs:

PAL-14 Spec Sheet

HD7000 Demonstration Video:

PAL-M Demonstration Video:

APES-14 Demonstration Video:

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