SuperShrink 18" Manual Shrink Wrap System
SuperShrink 18" Manual Shrink Wrap System
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SuperShrink 18" Manual Shrink Wrap System

With the SuperShrink 18" Manual Shrink Wrap System with heat gun and film, you can professionally shrink wrap for just pennies per package. Enhance the appearance and value of your product by protecting against dirt, dust, moisture, and handling. This easy-to-use system includes all you need to get the job done.

Simple three-step operation, no warm up required: pull the shrink film and insert your product, pull the bar sealer down to seal and cut the end of the film and turn 90º to seal the remaining open end, and use the included two-speed heat gun to shrink the film.


I-Bar Shrink Wrap System: Intuitive, user-friendly operation

Seal Length: Creates an 18" seal

Manual Operation Mode: Simple mechanical operation makes shrink wrapping easy for the operator

Simple Three-Step Operation: Seals products quickly and easily

Sturdy Industrial Quality: Rugged design ensures superior durability and performance

Wattage: 350W

Weight: 36 lbs.

Includes: Bar sealer, timer, two-speed heat gun and holder, film rack, free 500’ roll of centerfold 75 gauge shrink film, outlet plug, and parts kit

Demonstration Video:

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