Finish-@-Coil E1 Electric Inserter/Crimper
Finish-@-Coil E1 Electric Inserter/Crimper
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Akiles Finish-@-Coil E1

With its adjustable full size rollers, the Akiles Finish-@-Coil E1 makes coil inserting surprisingly fast and easy, even on extra-large sizes. Foot pedal operation allows for dual-handed operation and eliminates the need to manually crimp coils. This heavy-duty electric coil inserter/crimper is ideal for operators that demand versatility and productivity.


Full-Length Roller with Adjustable Roller Mechanism: Provides high friction and durability while increasing efficiency

Built-In Electric Coil Crimpers: Eliminates the need to manually crimp coils, providing consistent and perfect crimps on coils up to 50 mm in diameter

Adjustable Crimper Head Mechanism: No need to install different crimper heads

Foot Pedal Operation: Allows for dual-handed operation, maximizing efficiency

Automatic Mode Selection Sensor: Ability to set machine on "AUTO" mode, which automatically switches foot pedal between "Insert" and "Crimp," reducing redundancies in operation

Built-In U-Shaped Alignment Channel: Conforms the spine of larger documents to the specific coil's shape, allowing for faster and easier insertion


Finish-@-Coil Spec Sheet

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