Formax FD 8502AF AutoFeed Office Shredder
Formax FD 8502AF AutoFeed Office Shredder
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Formax FD 8502AF Onsite AutoFeed Office Shredder

Say hello to the hands-free convenience of automatic shredding! The FD 8502AF from Formax features an AutoFeed Hopper, allowing operators to load up to 175 sheets at a time (up to 11" x 17"), press start, and walk away while the machine takes care of the rest- no more hand-feeding small batches. Commercial-grade features such as an LED control panel with load indicator, steel cabinet, heat-treated steel cutting blades, and powerful AC geared motor combine to offer years of superior performance and reliability. An ECO Mode and several safety features round out the FD 8502AF to provide one of the most safe and effective shredders in its class.


Shred Size: 532" x 115"

AutoFeed Capacity: Up to 175 sheets at a time

Speed: Up to 35 feet per minute

Feed Opening: Extra-wide 16" opening

Bin Capacity: 26 gallons

Security Level: Level 3 (HIPAA Compliant)

LED Control Panel: Provides machine status and job information

AutoFeed Hopper: Accepts and automatically shreds sheet sizes up to 11" x 17"

Heat Treated-Steel Cutting Blades: Specially ground for durability and performance

Auto Start/Stop: Optical sensor automatically starts and stops operation when paper is detected

Auto Reverse:Built-in controls automatically reverse motor in event of jam

Self-Diagnosis System: Automatically records a variety of system information for use by service technicians

ECO Mode: Automatically enters energy-saving standby mode after 5 minutes of inactivity


Formax FD 8502AF Spec Sheet

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